A scene that cries hearts … A camera that monitors the moment of the death of the martyr Al-Shahama in Qalyubia … Video


Echo News, a video clip, monitors a murder incident Shaheed Shahama Qalioubia.

Video included، Spotted by a surveillance camera، The moment of killing Mohammed Abu Zaid، Twentieth young man، In the middle of the street.

The beginning is when it received Security services Qalioubia، Signal، From the Nasser Institute، With the arrival of “Mohamed A.” 26 years old، From Shubra El-Kheima، Dead body; Following several stab wounds throughout the body.

Investigations confirmed that behind the perpetration of the incident, there are unemployed people, “AJ” and “KMTA”, whereby the second requested the first to lure the victim outside the place where he works, and after leaving the store, the first stabbed him with sticking several stabs until he breathed.

As for the cause of the crime, the investigations revealed that it was due to a dispute that occurred last March, when the victim participated in a reconciliation session between the accused and a person called “YO” from the people of the region. The two defendants assaulted the other, and a fight took place between the two parties, with a gunfight, and the second defendant lost one of his eyes as a result of a divorce Cartouche during the fight and held a large reconciliation session between the accused parties and their families, “PBUH” and his family, and with the participation of the victim, who donated a slaughtered calf at his own expense during the reconciliation session.

Indeed, the reconciliation between the two parties took place, but the defendants did not acquiesce to reconciliation and decided to take revenge on everyone who participated in the reconciliation and resolved to get rid of the victim by drawing it and killing him. So she ordered their incarceration and took over the investigation.

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