A slap in the wars for Turkey … Volkswagen cancels a factory with 1.4 billion dollars


Volkswagen fears for its reputation from the wars fueling conflicts

Source: FRANKFURT – Reuters

Automobile Fogh newspaper, which specializes in the automotive industry, reported on Wednesday, citing sources that Volkswagen decided not to build a new factory in Turkey.

In October, Volkswagen suspended a factory decision amid criticism of Turkish military operations in Syria.

A Volkswagen spokesman said that the company postponed its final decision on building a car plant in Turkey, amid international criticism of Turkish interference in northern Syria and concerns about possible repercussions on Turkey’s reputation.

A spokesman for the company said last month: “We follow the current situation carefully and look at the current developments with concern.”

According to “CNN”, this means a freeze of 1.4 billion dollars in investments that were to be pumped into the Turkish economy.

Volkswagen has set up a subsidiary in Manisa, western Turkey, while the company said it is still in the final stages of negotiations, and it has not yet taken a final decision on the plant, according to “Reuters”.

It is noteworthy that the United States, Germany and the European Union have threatened Ankara with sanctions if it continues its fueled interventions to the conflict in northern Syria.

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