A source with Al-Ahly Masrawy: We do not know anything about the truth of Badji’s “quarrel”


09:19 PM

Wednesday 08 July 2020

Books – Ramadan Hassan:

A source in Al-Ahly Club confirmed that the technical or administrative staff had no knowledge of what had been raised about a problem between Senegalese Alliou Badji and one of the people because of the “five-a-side football” match in the city of 6th of October.

And press reports had indicated that Badji assaulted one person because of the five-a-side football match, but the matter was contained by the city officials in which the crisis occurred.

The source said in his statements to “Masrawy” “We do not know anything about what was raised recently about Badji’s quarrel with one of the people, I expect that it is just a rumor.”

He continued, “Badji was present in Maran today, Wednesday, naturally. He did not talk to anyone about the incident, it may not have happened at all.”

“Badji is a committed player, so what happened between him and Ramadan Sobhi earlier was just an argument between team mates because of training and a natural thing that happens in all clubs.”

He concluded, “We will search for the truth, of course, and if we are sure that this incident will occur, there will definitely be a decision regarding the player, but currently we cannot confirm any matter regarding the incident until after we have confirmed its truth.”


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