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A surprise of the heavy caliber, which was recently blown up by the Egyptian artist Yasser Jalal, as he apologized for starring the series “Seif Allah”, in which he was supposed to embody the personality of the great companion Khaled Ibn Al Walid.

The surprise caused controversy in the artistic community and shock among Jalal fans, which prompted the hero of the series “Fatwa” to clarify through an official statement issued by his media office, in which he explained some of the reasons that some saw as unconvincing, and carries with it a greater secret than stated in the statement.

Yasser Jalal said: “I apologized because I found that the role needs a long period of physical preparation that may last for months due to the number of numerous battles of the companion’s fights as well as training in fencing,” noting that he found it very difficult, and he was unable to provide such a role At present.

“The personality of Khaled bin Al-Walid is a great responsibility, and I am afraid that I will not fully present it, despite my happiness with the distinguished director Raouf Abdulaziz, and the author Islam Hafez who wrote this distinguished scenario,” Jalal added in the statement.

So far, the production company has not commented on the news of Yasser Jalal’s apology, which was apparently surprised by it, like the technical and media community, and this withdrawal was not agreed with the star, and arranging for his announcement, as “Synergy” announces herself and through her office for any developments related to the series. Contracts and stars.

Sources close to the series, “Seif Allah”, stated that there were differences that occurred between Yasser Jalal and the work family, and some details were not agreed upon, so the artist preferred to withdraw early.

To make matters even more mysterious, Yasser Galal apologized after he signed the series starring weeks ago, and began rehearsals and examined some filming places, whether inside or outside Egypt, and he was very happy with the work.

It is noteworthy that Yasser Jalal is the second star to withdraw from the series starring the role of Khaled Bin Al-Walid, as he was apologized by the artist Amr Youssef as well.

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