A Turkish actor assaults his 17-year-old sweetheart


The famous Turkish fashion expert on Instagram, “Deniz Polot Suz” has published a statement after the Turkish newspapers leaked news of her violence from her beloved actor Ozan Govin, announcing that she is about to file a complaint against him.”I was subjected to severe physical violence that lasted for more than an hour by Ozan Goven, in which I had a public relationship,” she said in a statement by the fashion expert, who published it on her own account on Instagram, and was translated by “Fuchia” magazine, saying that on Saturday the 13th of June: .

“I will fully defend my legal rights against Ozan Goven, who is responsible for the physical and emotional violence that I have been subjected to and has not allowed me to leave his home while he taunted me,” said Deniz.

Deniz asked newspapers to respect her privacy, saying: “In a society where violence against women is never acceptable, and violence is considered a crime, I hope that you respect my privacy that I have reserved during the period of legal procedures in which I can only protect my mental health by receiving psychological support.”

This statement comes after the Turkish newspaper “Hurriyat” published a report stating that the Turkish actor Ozan Govin assaulted his 17-year-old sweetheart after an intense debate broke out between them, leaving her day from his home bleeding from her eye as a result of violent beatings, and she goes immediately to the hospital to take a report She was beaten in preparation for filing a complaint against him.According to the newspaper, these events came about a month after Denise celebrated Goven’s birthday through a photo she shared with him and declared her love for him via Instagram.

It is reported that Ozan, 45, has been associated with Deniz, who is 17 years his junior for months, and this relationship has raised many unanswered questions.

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