A very simple tip for preventing corona – health statement – life


Louis Ignarro, a Nobel Prize-winning American medical scientist, gave simple advice for preventing the emerging “corona” virus, through a report published in the science journal ScienceAlert.

The scientist, Ignarro, who is 79 years old, explained that a person must close the mouth when breathing and inhale the air from the nose only, and then release it from the mouth, indicating that the virus starts its way from the nose or mouth, or both together to The cells of the lungs and then begin the process of reproduction and eliminate the injured.

He said that breathing from the nose helps its cavities to produce a molecule known scientifically as Nitric Oxide born through the lungs, more oxygen reaching the blood, and works to enhance immunity and help its presence in the lungs to combat the virus and prevent it from multiplying and causing fatal infections.

He pointed out that the oxide known as ON prevents blood clots and accumulates in the veins and helps it flow to all organs without the occurrence of clots known to be a symptom of the “Corona virus”.



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