Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra: I will not be a guest of honor again until I die


The great artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra announced that he will not play the role of “guest of honor” in any artwork again until his departure from this world, indicating that all his artistic participation in the future will be in major, not honorary roles.

Abd al-Rahman Abu Zahra continued: “I will not let them work with me as they did with Mahmoud al-Jundi.””Abu Zahra” added, during a meeting via “Skype”, with the “Ninth” program, presented by Wael Al-Ibrashi, through the Egyptian Channel One, that the artist Mahmoud Al-Jundi died confined to the artistic community, and continued: “Because they are not held up, they will be valued”, pointing to It is called the “guest of honor” title in the artwork by the guest of “shit”, adding: “I am announcing that I will not play the role of guest of honor until I die.”

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