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Zaman .. The Egyptian planted the land closest to the Nile’s course .. And one plant, meaning the process of submerging the land with flood water .. With the increasing population and in search of more food, the Egyptians knew to transfer water to any new neighboring land .. The more the matter increased to request water, we knew to transfer it From the river to the new land. Hence we say that the Egyptians are an agricultural civilization … and they invented the transport of water by canals, winds, watering canals and irrigation … And with the abundance of the waters of the Nile, we did not care much about the story of the bottom of the canal .. And we left the water – which is on its way from the river “the first narrator” to the new land – goes Some of them go to the ground, and from that we knew the groundwater .. The leakage of water from the bottom of these canals varies from a muddy ground of a small area to a mixture of “muddy and sandy” land to reach a completely sandy land, and this lived the era of the loss of large quantities of the Nile water.

Rather, the Egyptian used to know, when he discovered «the tambour .. and the shadows .. and the waterwoman» to manage all of this and go to sleep, until he woke up and the water covered the land more than needed .. here the Egyptian Ministry of Irrigation was established, and it is perhaps the first to know this type of organization Using water .. But little by little we knew the laws and regulations for transporting water through these canals .. big or small .. deep or wide .. We knew the system of quotas and shifts … and the role of irrigation inspectors, and their first goal is to ensure that the water reaches the ends of the canal .. so as not to Cultivation by water saturation dies or suffocates by water drought, and some of them resort to using any water – especially at the ends of the canals – whether agricultural, sanitary, or industrial drainage … especially since Egypt is not a rainy country that contributes to rain in irrigation of lands.

But – and with time – we knew that other peoples shared our water in this river, and here were the international or bilateral agreements, so that each party secured enough water from the river .. And politics, conspiracies and hatreds interfered, until we found someone trying to prevent us from getting what we see We really have water from this river .. With the outbreak of fights – in this direction – it was necessary to rationalize our use of water .. And it was necessary to reduce the leakage of any water from the bottom of the canals and winds … So the system to cover all of these was to reduce this leakage .. The Ministry baptized The aim is to create a plan to cover canals and reduce waste … and a big difference between the era of abundant water that Egypt has lived for thousands of years … and an era in which it fears water drought with an increasing population.

■ ■ And the plan sponsored by Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Ati, the current Minister of Irrigation, begins by lining 18 canals with a length of 190 km in five governorates .. This is the correct understanding to face the era of water droughts .. I see in this project a national necessity that puts this plan at the forefront of our steps to face the era of drought Watery .. With Ethiopian militancy .. This is one of the means of this scheme, which has become necessary and urgent.

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