Actress Naya Riveras body may disappear forever in Lake Peru


The police revealed many details about the disappearance of the actress Naya Rivera, through a conference to transfer its facts to the site of Just Gerd, where the site said that the body of Naya may never be recovered, adding that the chances of the existence of the actress’s body are very weak if they were stuck in something underwater Especially since there are many trees and plants under the water which makes divers’ work unsafe.

The site pointed out that all the evidence proves that it did not come out of the water and that it was sunk and that the investigators are following the credit card data of Naya to track any activity or movement that may reveal the secret of the mystery of her departure.

The name of the international star Naya Rivera was the talk of many famous artistic sites, after reports revealed that Naya might have been drowned in Lake Peru, California, after she rented a small boat to spend quality time with her 4-year-old son. He was found sleeping in a dresser The life jacket on the boat alone and Naya was not the star of the series “Glee” and left the other life jacket on the boat, which made many expect that Naya had already sunk during her cruise.

Many people did not know that Naya Rivera was always proud of her love for her son, and her last photos were posted on her personal page on the famous social networking site “Instagram” which includes more than 2 million people, and she was accepting her son and commented on the picture, she wrote: “We are the only two “And that last Tuesday, one day before he lost her accident, and her publication of this photo with her child came only to raise speculation that her life will end next to her child hours after the disclosure of this image.

Naya Rivera (2)
Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera
Naya Rivera


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