Adly Mansour: Members of the Constitutional Court were severely confused on June 30


Hussam Imad

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Tuesday 30 June 2020 – 10:45 PM
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Tuesday 30 June 2020 – 10:45 PM

Counselor Adly Mansour, former President of the Republic and President of the Constitutional Court, said that the crowd gathered after the declaration of the rebellion movement to hand over the agencies that collected them to the Constitutional Court, and on June 30 the members of the court signed a great confusion, indicating that if they accept the agencies, it is not legal, and if they reject them The payoff will be negative for the demonstrators.

And on the events of “June 30”, Mansour added, during an intervention on the “Happening in Egypt” program on the MBC Egypt channel, on Tuesday evening, that in the beginning of July he went to practice his usual work, and what was most seized on his thinking was what he could provide for bloodshed in The crowd of the Brotherhood and the crowds of peaceful demonstrators remained, and will the group leave the government and submit to the demonstrators easily, until the armed forces stepped in to remove the great burden on the Egyptians.

He stressed that Egypt could have been swept into an abyss if the Muslim Brotherhood and all the extremist groups aligned to it were not displaced, indicating that it was possible to reach a state of civil strife.

He pointed out the importance of the permanent army and the judiciary standing on the side of the Egyptian people, and that God is sending men with specific and calculated amounts to correct matters and put them in place, especially after the Muslim Brotherhood kidnapped the January 25 revolution of the Egyptian people.

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