African Union official: Agreement on sticking points on a dam


10:36 PM

Sunday 12 July 2020


Eng. Rashid Abdullah Ali, Executive Director of the African Union Energy Commission, said that the agreement on the sticking points between the three countries in the Renaissance Dam negotiations has become around the corner, indicating the entry of the African Union and the President of the African Union, the President of South Africa as a mediator, according to the Sudanese News Agency. Suna. ”

Rashid called for preparing for the change that the dam will bring about life around the Blue Nile and the Nile to the borders of Egypt. He said, “We have to manage a societal scientific dialogue to prepare ourselves to operate the Renaissance Dam and know how to plan for the future, and there are huge projects that need government leadership.”
He claimed that the change that will occur in Sudan from the construction of the Renaissance Dam is positive in its entirety with some negative effects.

On the negative aspects of Al-Nahda Dam on Sudan, Azha said that 50% of the cliffs, which are estimated at 50 thousand feddans out of a total of 100 thousand feddans, are lost, which are lands that were flooded with Nile water and planted with vegetables in the summer, and the loss of the Nile water for an estimated percentage of silt that was dependent on it. In enriching the Earth.

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