After admitting the “Natanz” losses .. Iran detains a nuclear official


Source: Al Arabiya Net – Saleh Hameed

While the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization admitted that there were losses The site “Natanz” The one that suffered a massive bombing last Thursday, the authorities announced the arrest of Muhammad Saidi, a former member of Iran’s nuclear negotiations team.

In the details, after Zarif’s accountability session in the Iranian parliament, which witnessed arguments between the Foreign Minister and representatives of the hard-line fundamentalist, Parliament held another session on Sunday evening in which Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization, and the organization’s spokesman Bahruz Kamalundi, who confirmed the occurrence of Significant losses at the Natanz facility, with no injuries, as he put it.

Kamalundi stressed that the security authorities in the country know the cause of the accident, but they do not intend to talk about it at the moment because of security concerns, adding that what he called the equipment in this facility was measuring equipment and accurate devices, and part of it was destroyed while another part was damaged as a result of the accident.

Natanz and Verdo reactors
Natanz and Verdo reactors

He revealed that “the accident may cause delays in the development and production of advanced machines.”

Different scenarios

As for Salehi, he said that the meeting discussed the various scenarios of the Natanz incident, and confirmed that the results of an investigation will be announced soon.

Salehi said: “Teams of experts from various security and intelligence departments have studied all aspects. The Supreme Council for National Security has determined the cause of the accident, but it has not been announced for security reasons.”

The Iranian nuclear site, Natanz
The Iranian nuclear site, Natanz

In the context, the news agency “Raja News” revealed the arrest of Muhammad Saeedi, a former member of the nuclear negotiating team, and linked this to his involvement in corruption cases, but denied that his arrest was linked to the Natanz incident.

Moreover, the head of the Iranian Civil Defense Organization, Ghulam Reza Jalali, did not rule out the occurrence of what he called “sabotage” by opposition groups or a “cyber attack” against Iranian facilities.

It is reported that in 2010 the “Stuxnet” virus caused a complete disruption of the Natanz site.

The Natanz fuel enrichment facility is one of several Iranian facilities that are subject to inspection by the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency.

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