After being accused of bullying the veiled woman, Miss Hamdan comments to “Masrawy”


10:20 PM

Wednesday 01 July 2020

I wrote – Yasmine Al-Sharqawi:

Miss Hamdan was attacked by some social media users, and some accused her of bullying veiled women and ridicule them, due to an old comic video during which she presented a character to a girl called “Samah”, inspired by her imagination, with the aim of drawing a smile on her followers and trying to Use the time that some people spend in their homes to reduce the Corona virus pandemic.

“Masrawy”, with “Mais”, continued to comment on the attack that she was subjected to by some, describing her as “bullying” and mocking the veil, and said that she did not understand the idea of ​​accusing her of being bullied on anyone, as she confirmed that she is not approaching the veil from a relative or From far away, and what she was wearing in the video was not a veil.

“Mays” confirmed that she started her artistic career through her participation in one of the programs that provide comic sketches, and during this period she presented more than one character, among them the character “Samah” is the subject of controversy, and she said: “I love tradition and presenting some characters in a comical and satirical manner, which I think Distinguish me from any artist in the Arab world. I have the ability to shape and change shape, sound, movements, and every need. “

And she continued: “In the period of home stone, I decided that I work every week as a caracter, and I have a lot of stock, which does not imitate artists, but who imitates creating any need, whether from reality or from the imagination, so I said let me take advantage of the opportunity and encourage me that people love me in the comic zone And the tradition, also with the lack of artwork that the artist Mabikdrash explores exploding his abilities in this state, I said I am entertaining myself and blowing my energy. “

“Mays” refused, accusing some of her of bullying altogether and in detail, saying: “Who has died in a way of art, comedy and comic strips of bullying?”

“Mays” cited a number of great artists who presented personalities through the number of artworks, saying: “Professor Adel Imam, when he embodied a figure of six in a strange shape in a film Watched Out of the Line, was Bettenemer ?, Hani Ramzy, when he made a stupid movie in which Bettenmar was?” Ahmad Makki when Hazelkum did and appeared in freckles and orange hair was Bettenmer? Ahmed Helmy when he did Xarge, will we say Bettnimer on the concession? Neither Ahmed Fahmy and Akram Hosni who every year, God willing, will make series in it every day.

Mays Hamdan explained that she wrote on the controversial video clip that it is fictional: “Even if I did not meet, from when I came to art because it was bullying, and a video I allowed two years ago, I have all the comets nice and beautiful.”

Mays concluded her comment by saying: “I respect all people and all of them are on my head, and they have an excuse by saying that boredom and depression can be from the bottom of the house are the reason. The video, and I came from the country, from my nation to the art. “

She added: “They say to me that I bullied when I criticized someone in particular or showed my character (Mays) and a base with a veil in the form of or on the need, but it is very clear that he is a carter, and what is on my head is not a veil. I caught a scarf and I gave it but this is not a veil. Thinking, why does our brain go to the railway?


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