After being molested by girls .. 10 photos of Amira Fathi recently


The artist raised Princess Fathi The controversy via social media after its post on its Facebook page, in which it reveals that she was subjected to sexual harassment because of an image she published with a friend and her own coach.

The artist has disappeared Princess Fathi The last period about acting, but she was sharing her fans with a set of pictures of her through her personal account on Instagram Instagram.

In this context, we publish a collection of the artist’s photos for you Princess Fathi .

Intervals Princess Fathi “I couldn’t speak on the issue of harassment, but what I want to say is that harassment is less than physical harassment. I have for almost days imagined with my friend and at the same time he is the trainer who is in the gym and it was a very normal picture and in part of my body was that of the t -shirt “I did not need anything for my destination.”

Amira Fathi added, “What I want to say is that I verbally molested the girls and the six women. Unfortunately, I saw him on a group of women and I am in this group, but my life is not what I interacted with, and one of my friends is what I said because he works in the Internet.

Amira Fathi explained, “He asked me if I wanted to file a report in the group, and I told him: No, and I was satisfied that he deleted the picture. Unfortunately, the admin of the group of el friends who I have here means that some of the men are harassing in six harassers, and I see that the most difficult countries … I have my point of view.”

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