After Corona and the plague … witness … a new catastrophe threatens the green and dry land in China


Today, Saturday, Chinese media released details of the new catastrophe that appeared in China after the outbreak of the new Corona epidemic, or “Covid 19”, and the bubonic plague epidemic, known as the Black Death.

Swarms of locusts attacked the country and destroyed tens of square kilometers of agricultural fields, and Chinese officials warned that locusts might attack parts of the country between now and next September, after insect armies attacked the country and destroyed vast agricultural areas.

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The Chinese government confirmed that the yellow bamboo locust swarms destroyed about 26 square miles (41 km and 834 m) from fields in Chinas Boer area after raiding the city from Chinas border with Laos.

A forestry agency has warned of a possible locust disaster in Chinas southern border regions after locusts have accelerated.

Locusts are the main pest in Chinas bamboo production areas, eating up all the bamboo leaves along its path and killing plant stems of commercial value.

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