After the recent rumors .. Carilo reassures the fans of Al-Hilal of his health


The official account of Al-Hilal Saudi Club, via Twitter, is a video clip of the Peruvian star Carillo, to reassure the fans of the club about his health.

Carillo had been infected with the Corona virus during his stay in Riyadh, where he did not leave the country for his country after the suspension of the Saudi League matches due to the global epidemic crisis.

And Saudi press reports revealed that the player was hospitalized because of his suffering from an increased symptom of Coronas disease, which was denied by media sources close to Al-Hilal, and confirmed that the capital club will take legal action against rumors about its Peruvian star.

Carillo assured the Hilal public that he was correct in this video, to deny the rumors that he was in the hospital.

The Blue Club fans interacted with Carilos message, and expressed her happiness at that, and she hoped to see him quickly in the training sessions in the coming period, and to continue making the difference and great pleasure with the leader in the various championships.

It is noteworthy that Al-Hilal Club announced that it will play two friendly matches, the first will be on the 17th of July this month against Al-Ta’i team and the second on 28 of this month against the Riyadh team.

The blue leader is preparing for the enemy of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman League Cup matches, which will return on August 4, as specified by the Saudi Football Association.

Al-Hilal continued his training under the leadership of the Romanian, in the morning and evening periods, in his preparatory camp, which is currently held at the club’s headquarters.

Al-Hilal’s first league matches upon his return will be in the Riyadh derby against Al-Nasr on Wednesday 5 August at King Fahd Stadium.

Al-Hilal leads the league championship with 51 points, 6 points behind Al-Nasr, who finished second.


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