Again: Ghada Abdel Razek raises controversy by wearing “swimsuits” with her husband on the beach! (See)


The Egyptian artist raisedGhada Abdel Razek“The debate about it again after it was published through its official account on the site of photo and video exchange.Instagram“A group of pictures of her with her husband Director of Photography”Haitham ZenitaWhere they appeared inSwimsuit, Which sparked widespread controversy among followers in the comments.

A large number of fans and followers interacted with this post, among them some artists, such as the artist.decoration“The Artist”Raniya YousifShe commented, “May God bless you.” The post managed to win tens of thousands of likes a few hours after it was published.

It is reported that the artist Ghada Abdel Razek Topped several days ago Trend Ali Social Media, After sharing a bunch of bold photos through her official account with InstagramWhere she was with her husband.Haitham Zenita“They enjoy spending a summer vacation at a beach, and the photos get their fans attention; When she witnessed the apparition of the couple without any clothes in the apparent part of the pictures, what was revealed was that she was almost naked, and because of Ghada, who appeared with a natural sea view without makeup, she commented on it with the phrase: “Summer began”, which caught them very sharply.


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