Ahmed Moussa publishes a video to save a citizen from the diesel oil fire in the tenth .. Video


The media, Ahmed Moussa, posted on the social networking site “Facebook” a video of a moment, saving a citizen from Diesel fuel fire The Ismailia desert road.A large number of his followers interacted with him, and the comments were as follows:

– Leave, Lord

– Lord, have mercy on your mercy, O mercy

– There is no power but from God the Almighty

– Lord, blessings

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It is reported that the security services of the Ministry of Interior have closed all roads surrounding the diesel oil fire site on the Ismailia desert road.

Meanwhile, the General Administration of Civil Protection has pushed 10 additional fire engines to control the fire of the diesel line in Kilo 21 on the Ismailia Desert Road.

Civil Protection had driven 15 fire trucks to try to control the fire that spread along the road.

The moment a citizen was rescued from the diesel oil fire on the Ismailia desert road

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