Ajay and Geraldo surprise Al-Ahly with this request before the return of the league


The professional African duo in the ranks of the first soccer team in Al-Ahly Junior Club Ajay and Geraldo, to obtain relief from group training and travel to their countries after opening the airlines after lifting the ban imposed on airlines due to the Corona virus.

To know Al-Ahly’s response to the players ’request .. Press here

Swiss coach Rene Weiler rejected the first team in Al-Ahly club, asking a number of players to amend the evening training date for the first soccer team to be in the morning.

The technical staff of the first soccer team in Al-Ahly Club settled on 3 valleys in preparation for the resumption of the Egyptian Premier League matches during the coming period.

The first football team in Al-Ahly Club continues its daily preparations for the remaining matches of the Egyptian Premier League, in addition to the semi-finals of the African Champions League, which are scheduled for next September. around the world.

Al-Ahly and its parents are scheduled to start an internal match between the team’s players tomorrow, Thursday, in which Swiss coach Renee Weiler explores his players ’physical abilities before going into the second and third valleys, which are determined for them every Thursday of the next two weeks and in front of the same team Smouha Alexandria.

Rene Fyler assured the players that the issue of morning training is based on exceptional circumstances only and that the dates of the Egyptian Premier League matches and the African Champions are mainly related to the evening period, categorically rejecting the training at the dates requested by some players.

Rene Feiler explained that he settled on the date of the team’s collective training at five thirty in the evening except for the day the smear of the Corona virus takes place and the exercises will be morning, due to the difficulty of the players continue for the whole day inside the walls of the Red Castle.


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