Ajay, Obama and Mahdi .. “A Thing of Fear” movie stars with a smear of Corona in the Asian Legion.


A new horror movie experienced by a number of stars of the General League with every medical smear they undergo with their teams, to reveal the new Corona epidemic, due to the difficulty of taking the smear and the resulting pain, as it was a kind of “phobia” among some players who tried to evade that difficult experience, but did not They find an escape amidst the Football Association’s emphasis on the necessity of conducting smears to ensure the safety of players and all members of the sports system.

The matter has become a nightmare for these stars, especially since the process of taking smears will continue a lot during the coming period, and it may be more than once a week with the regularity of matches after the return of the General League competition on August 6 after the end of the long pause period that started last March due to concerns Spread Sk Among the elements of the mathematical system.

Attempts to persuade Ajay in Al Ahly

In every smear taken from Al-Ahly players, Junior Ajay the team player is the most difficult element in completing that procedure, so that the last time he raised a state of confusion for the doctors responsible for taking the smear and resisted them in every attempt to the point that Dr. Khaled Mahmoud, a doctor of Al-Ahly, intervened to persuade Ajay And calm him down until the swab was taken from Al-Ahly player.

Nose surgery raises the concerns of Mahdi Suleiman

The concern and fear of Mahdi Suleiman, the Pyramids goalkeeper, while undergoing the third medical survey to reveal Virus Corona, caused a hysterical state of laughter among his teammates, as more than one player, including Ali Jabr and Dodo Al-Gbas, published a video of the Mahdi during the medical survey, and appeared The player during it is in a state of confusion and anxiety due to his previous nose surgery, other than the difficulty of performing the swab.

Joseph Obama causes a laughing fit

Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, captain of Zamalek, fondled his teammate, Youssef Obama, the team player through his account on Instagram, and published the moment of Obamas smear Corona and his intense fear of doing it, amid a state of laughter among his colleagues because of Obamas reactions and the doctor’s confusion.


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