Al-Ahly makes a surprising decision about the Burj Al Arab camp


The technical staff of the first soccer team in the Al-Ahly Club led by Swiss Rene Weiler made a surprising decision regarding the planned camp of the Red Genie in Borg El-Arab.

Al-Ahly club announced through the director of the ball, Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the establishment of the first friendly match against Smouha on the floor of the Mukhtar El-Tech Stadium stadium, amid reports that the place of residence that preceded the traditional rival Zamalek Club and its reservation to retreat from the camp, especially since the training stadium also will face the team a problem in the conflict Between the two teams.

To know the sudden decision of Al-Ahly to Burj Al Arab camp.. from here

Al-Ahly coach Rene Feiler appeared today for the first time in leading the team’s training after a leave of nearly 3 weeks that witnessed several discussions between the officials of the Red Castle and the coach to renew with the team and stay for a new season.

Today’s exercises witnessed the appearance of all players in a very good technical and physical condition, which made a state of comfort prevail in the corridors of the Red Genie, and in particular the technical staff, which began largely on the readiness of the players.

Sayed Abdel Hafeez, Al Ahly’s football director, confirmed that all precautionary and preventive measures will be taken at the island’s Touch Stadium, before going into the Smouha friendly, which was set for it on July 23 in the present day. Announced by the Football Association before the friendly and official matches.

Swiss coach Rene Weiler, Al-Ahly’s first football team coach, made a strong division of the length of the stadium in the evening session, today, Saturday, on the island’s Elche Stadium.

Feiler divided the players into two teams and made a complete technical division along the stadium, in preparation for the next stage, which witnesses the completion of the league competitions, in addition to running the Moroccan Wydad match in the African Champions League semi-finals.

It is noteworthy that Feiler returned to lead the training of Al-Ahly today, after returning from his country recently, after the end of the leave he had taken to check on his family.


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