Al-Badri and the national team congratulate Ahmed Hegazy on returning to the Premier League


Hosam Al-Badri, the coach of the Egyptian team and his technical, administrative and medical staff, congratulated the national team player Ahmed Hegazy, player of West Bromwich Albion, after his team’s success in returning to the English Premier League again .. Al-Badri and his device sent Mohammed Barakat, Tariq Mustafa, Ahmed Ayoub, Sayed Moawad, Ayman Taher and Anis Al-Shalali Congratulations to Hajjari after qualification and wished him success in the next stage.

West Bromwich tied at home with Queens Park Rangers with two goals each to crown Ahmed Hijazi teammates with the Premier League qualification card again in second place for the Championship Ship Championship with 83 points behind leaders Leeds with 93 points.

In the same context, Hossam Al-Badri, technical director of the national team, confirmed that he owes the Al-Ahly club, which he considers his first home and lived among its walls thanks to the main reason for what he has now reached.

Al-Badry said during his interview with FIFA 2022 World Cup Finals website: “Al-Ahly is for me a whole life inside this great entity for more than forty years, all the happy moments pass in front of me continuously, I learned there a lot of perseverance, patience and mastery Work, you know what is the meaning of wisdom and learn responsibility in different situations, gaining a victorious spirit and self-realization. Al-Ahly means heroism and success, it is the summit and how to reach and maintain it. Nice this big club. ”

The technical director of the national team noted: “During many years I was planning to rise in this club and help him achieve the championships, I left nothing by chance I was striving for a place in his glorious history, thank God that I succeeded in participating in one of the most important football generations that dominated On the African and Egyptian championships, and what makes me more proud is that I later contributed to achieving more as I head the technical management of the team. I think I am very lucky that I belong to this great club and I was one of the reasons that made his great fans feel happy, let me summarize all this .. The name Hossam Al-Badri was made, and for this I owe him all the credit that I got. ”

The official website had been published The first part of the meeting, Hussam Al-BadryAnd the second part dealt with his talk about the experiences he acquired and the personalities that influenced his career and made him love the profession of training, as he recalls his bright career in his second home the Al-Ahly Club, which he played and worked with for a period of forty years, and explains the importance of the presence of professional players in the continent of Europe and how he communicated with them, and his pride in what It was accomplished by the star Mohamed Salah, who has become an Egyptian icon and a role model for local and African youth, and what is the preferred method for Salah in the way the Egyptian team plays.


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