Ali Al-Kassar .. the legend of comedy of his time..Rihani competed and left poor .. his birthday


If we define a list of the most important stars of comedy and its legends in the Egyptian cinema and theater, the artist Ali Al-Kassar will be at the top of the list, which will include Naguib Al-Rihani, Ismail Yassin, Fouad Al-Muhandis, Abdel-Moneim Madbouly, Adel Imam, Saeed Saleh and Mohamed Sobhi, so each of these has his own school in the comedy.

Today, however, we will address the school of the artist Ali Al-Kassar, who is passing through his birthday today, as he is the legend of the comedy of his time and one of the most important stars of Egyptian theater and cinema in its golden age. And this great artist is still enjoying the generations with his works, especially his famous figure “The Servant Othman Abdel Baset” which He competed with the personality “Ruffle Bay” presented by Naguib Al-Rihani, and the character was a great success and is still immortal in the memory of Arab representation.

Ali Al-Kassar
Ali Al-Kassar

On El-Kassar, an Egyptian barbarian who rose his share, increased his stardom and became a theater troupe, through which he presented the masterpieces of comedies and then went to the cinema and presented a series of comedies with the personality of “Othman Abdel Basset“.

Al-Kassar was the first to introduce the late great musician and composer Zakaria Ahmed Melna with his theatrical band in 1924, but after this stardom and richness, the comedian star retracts at the time and suffers from neglect and denial after his disappearance from the stage and the emergence of a new generation of comedies on the artistic scene, such as Ismail Yassin and Abdel Fattah Al-Qasry His popularity is declining, so he is forced to take part in secondary roles that do not coincide with his artistic career, such as “The Last Depression” starring Farid Al-Atrash, in which he appeared as a servant in only two or three scenes.

This is how the world changes conditions with it from going up and down. After the world betrayed the star of the comedy, the simple artist and the pioneering comedian theater on the Kassar is quietly leaving a poor patient on a “third degree” bed in Al-Kasr Al-Aini Hospital after a struggle with prostate cancer and leaves only the love of the masses.

Among his most famous works in the cinema: (One Thousand and One Nights, the Station of Humans, Ghafir Al-Girk, Ali Baba, Forty Thieves, Nur ad-Din, and the Three Sailors. He gave me three pounds, on the authority of Adhafek, Othman, and a bullet in the heart, at 7 oclock) and other wonderful works.


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