Ali Rabei, on the play “Morning Blessed”: may God grant us success and do a beautiful thing


The artist, Rabie, was keen to publish a picture of him accompanied by the team of the play “Morning, Blessed, Groom”, behind the scenes of the preparations, through his personal account on the Instagram photo site.

“God bless us, God willing, we will work for you, a beautiful new play, God willing, directed by Professor Ashraf Abdel Baqi starring people, the moon is my picture. A play (morning blessed, groom) written by Ahmed Abdel Wahab.”

The play “Morning Blessed, O Groom,” written by Ahmed Abdel Wahab, Karim Sami, directed by Ashraf Abdel Baqi, and scheduled to be shown starting from the first days of the upcoming Eid Al-Adha. It was sprayed by “Abdel Baqi” who participated in the play “Grima in Maadi”, and was shown on the same stage of the “Egypt Theater” which was recently completed.

“Sabahia Mubarakah” is the first of Ashraf Abdel Baqi’s plays after announcing the end of “Masrah Masr” performances and stopping at the seventh season and achieving great success over 6 full years. Her heroes have become stars of the art scene, whether in the cinema or drama in recent years.

It is worth mentioning that Ashraf Abdel Baqi resumed the offers of his new squad, which presented a “crime in Maadi” play, “All Wrong” last Thursday, while adhering to the decision of the Council of Ministers with the attendance of 25 percent of the public to maintain their safety, after a hiatus of more than three months due to Corona Virus.


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