Amazon warns against warming Echo Buds – toss news


“Amazon” company warned that its wireless earphone “Echo Buds” is exposed to high temperature during charging, stressing that it has issued an urgent update to address the problem and that it will reach the users of the headset, respectively.

The American company informed its customers, by a lengthy message, urging them to make a software update to prevent a rise in temperature, and customers began receiving an automatic update via Bluetooth to their phones.

The company said in a message to its customers: “The safety of our customers is our top priority, we have finally concluded that in very rare cases, Echo Buds wireless headphones can overheat while charging. We have therefore released an update to the program over the air that addresses this potential problem. ”

“We have released a software update that addresses potential safety risks and improves the long-term performance of Echo Buds batteries.”

The earphones are integrated with the Alexa app, the Amazon Digital Sound Assistant and has the feature of noise reduction that uses the company’s algorithms to block external audio.

The headphones, which were released last October, give up to 5 hours of music playing with one charge, and it is charged via the compact palm-sized carrying case, which is charged by itself via a small USB slot.

And the Echo Buds battery power can last up to 20 hours after one charge, according to Amazon.

In order for users to ensure that they have the latest version, they must go to the “Alexa” application on “Android” or “iOS”, and go to the “Devices” menu, then “Echo & Alexa”, then “Echo Buds”, and finally, “About And if the software version number is 318119151 or later, this means that the headphones have received the update.

If the program version number is less than that, put “Echo Buds” inside the charging case, and connect it to your smartphone via “Bluetooth” and the “Alexa” application, and the update will be installed within half an hour.

And demanding Amazon Its customers: “If you bought this product for someone else, please notify the recipient immediately and provide him with all this information.”


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