Amidst news of his injury in Corona, a famous Egyptian artist was transferred to the hospital


The captain of the Egyptian artists, Ashraf Zaki, revealed that the artist, Sana Shafea, was “transferred to the hospital, after suffering a health problem”, amid reports that he was infected with the Corona virus.

According to Egyptian media, Sanaa Shafea “was transferred to a private hospital and his case is being followed up with the doctors who confirmed that he had severe pneumonia.”

Zaki added that the issue of whether Sanaa Shafaa suffered from corona or not is “difficult to confirm, and checks are made, and he is subject to medical observation, until the results appear and confirm whether or not they are corona.”

It is noteworthy that the last work of Sana Shafi, in which he appeared on television, is the series “Abu Jabal”, which was starred by the artist Mustafa Shaaban, two years ago.


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