Amina Khalil’s Dream Boy specifications .. Do they apply to her fiance, Omar? (Video)


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In a simple white dress and loose hair, the actress Amina Khalil celebrated her engagement with Eng. Omar Taha, on Wednesday, in a family atmosphere restricted to a number of family and close people.

“I want to get married and I will have a family and a home.” Simple words repeated by the artist Amina Khalil, a young woman in her thirties, like other young people, dreaming of building her family and her private life.

In a previous meeting with the program “The Secrets of the Stars”, on “Stars FM”, with the presenter Angie Ali, she said: “I am conscious, and I understand what is in her, and if I am at the age of Dalgot, I need a mother and a wife, and I have a home, and I love my work very much, but I do not see if I need to make a decision for a need on a second need. Of course, this will remain a stage that has certain requirements. Hours I will sit at home, and I will come back again when I prepare a certain stage. ”

She added, “My soul is in a man who resembles my father, and does a man take his place, of course, and I will not, but if I had a man with the same characteristics of my father, of course, I wish.”

In a previous meeting also, “Amina” set the specifications of the boy of her dreams, and said it as follows: “Ok, affectionate, ambitious, understanding … kindness and kindness is the most important need in the person who will be associated with him.”

Available information on Amina Khalil’s current partner says that he is an engineering businessman who loves hunting, specifically birds. He described “Amina” earlier as a member of his family, after he published a picture of him with his family during the celebration of Christmas, and said that Amina Khalil is his “family.”

It is noteworthy that the latest work of Amina Khalil, the television series, “Les Laa”, which is shown on the platform “Shahid” of the “MBC” network, and runs in a social framework, discusses independence and freedom of decision-making, and witnesses a conflict between traditions and attempts to renew.

The series is written by Maryam Naoum, a screenplay and dialogue by Dina Najm and Magdy Amin, directed by Maryam Abu Awf, and it is attended by a large number of artists, including Hala Sidqi, Omar Al Saeed, Sherine Reda, Muhammad Al Sharnoubi, Maryam Al Khasht, Hani Adel and Omar Al Saeed. Meanwhile, the series “Tatar” singer Amal Maher sings with the song “Who is capable” of the words of Nader Abdullah and the distribution of Khaled Ezz.

Amina Khalil is also awaiting the screening of the movie “Sahib Al Maqam” with Aser Yassin and Yusra, and a group of artists, directed by Mando El Adl.

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