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Source: Fathi Khallaf – Toss News

It was reported that the global search giant ”Google“A major change is made to the Camera API in Android 11.

Slashgear stated, “Google” will prevent in updating it, changing the geometry of the face, skin color, or smoothing of the skin of the face, before or while taking a photo.

The announcement of the new update of the official approved operating system for a large number of smartphones, via a Tweet shared by Meshaal Rahman, editor-in-chief of XDA Developers technical website, on his personal account on Twitter.

Rahman stated that phones such as the X50 Pro (and others) often include some level of smoothing features and automatic skin lightening, even when the default “beauty mode” is turned off.

He pointed out that this change in the application programming interface (API) includes changes to the face structure or smoothing of the skin, and it must happen after the photo is taken.

He noted that the Android 11 update application will apply specifically to mobile cameras, indicating that applications such as “Instagram” and “Snapchat” may be exempt from the expected ban.

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