Angelina Jolie first appearance since the Corona epidemic .. Pictures


The lenses of paparazzi photographers took photos of world star Angelina Jolie while she was touring her 11-year-old daughter Vivan on a street in California, USA.

Angelina Jolie appeared with a medical mask, her daughter, in order to avoid infection with the Corona virus, in the first appearance of the global star in a few months.

“Divorce for the benefit of my children is the right decision, and some have taken advantage of my silence to release their rumors and rulings,” Angelina Jolie said in an interview with Vogue International.

A source for the foreign ET website said that the relationship between world star Brad Pitt and his global star, Angelina Jolie, is improving than in the past, after agreeing to participate in the custody of their children.

The source emphasized that the relationship of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is fine in order to maintain the psychological health of their six children and to stay away from any quarrels or differences affecting the stability of their children’s lives.


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