Anger in Egypt .. Sudanese boy victim of new bullying


Source: Cairo – Reem El-Shishtawy

Mocked his skin color and threw stones at him and threatened him .. The reality of bullying Jdeideh sparked widespread controversy and anger in the Egyptian street, the victim of which was a 14-year-old Sudanese boy, at the hands of two young men on a street in the Imbaba area of ​​Giza Governorate.

And 14-year-old Nael Al-Babbagh appeared in the video, which circulated on the media as he walked on one of Imbaba streets, and two young men were exposed to him. The video enraged the pioneers of the communication sites and demanded to investigate and punish the two young men.

Nael also confirmed during his interrogation that while he was walking on a street in Imbaba, he was surprised by two young men traveling “Tok Tok”, so one of them bully him and threw stones at him while the other photographed the incident. When Nael tried to defend himself, they beat him, stole his bag, and posted the video on the media.

He told the local newspapers that he had been threatened by the two young men, if he tried to inform the authorities of what had happened, he would be harmed, which caused his terror and made him obligate the house for fear of being exposed to it again.

In addition, the security services investigated and arrested the two young men, who confessed to the crime. The devices seized the child’s belongings, and the Public Prosecution detained the two young men for 4 days, pending an investigation.

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