Anti-satellite weapons … Washington and Moscow discuss space security


The United States and Russia will hold talks on space security next week in Vienna, following US and British accusations that Moscow recently tested anti-satellite weapons, a State Department official said.

Christopher Ford, US Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Non-Proliferation, said he hoped the two sides would be able to agree on “standards” for actions by states in outer space.

The talks are to last for several days and will include experts from both sides.

Ford described Russias activities in space as “strange and dangerous”; The comments came just one day after the United States and Britain announced that Russia launched a “space anti-satellite weapon” during a satellite test last week.

The United States has become more concerned about the increasing armament of space by Russia and China, especially the ability of the two countries to destroy satellites that are increasingly important in daily life and the capabilities of the armed forces.

“Moscow and Beijing have already turned space into a battlefield,” Ford told reporters by telephone.

The United States is holding parallel meetings on space security with China and would like Moscow and Beijing to adhere to similar standards in space.

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