Apple closes 20 stores in 7 US states due to high incidence of corona


Apple has announced the re-closure of more than twenty stores in seven US states, including California, bringing the total number of closings to 77 with the continued increase in cases of coronavirus, and the company said that the stores will be closed in Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada and Oklahoma, with Other stores are already closed in Florida, Mississippi, Texas and Utah.

Apple has taken a phased approach to opening and closing stores and evaluating data for every community, and the company said that in cities where stores remain open, Apple requires employees and customers to wear masks while performing temperature tests.

In California, many Los Angeles department stores closed Thursday with increased coronavirus cases in the region, while a major store in the shopping district of Union Square in San Francisco remains open.

In Texas, stores in the Austin area remained open until this week despite the closure in Houston last week.

Apple closed all of its stores outside China in March, then reopened all of its 42 brands in China more than a month after it closed following the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Not all American stores were reopened after the initial closings, and Apple said its retail employees would get their full wages during closings..


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