Are French fries really harmful to health?


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French fries are among the popular foods of many. Is this type of food really harmful to health as many hypotheses claim?

On this subject, Russian nutritionist Ivan Alimenko said: “Potato chips, soft drinks and sweets are among the most harmful foods to health. The problem lies in the amounts of salt and high caloric content in these materials, and even fruits are not always useful if we eat them too.”

The expert added, “Who are the people whose fried potato chips are harmful to them? … They are harmful to those who suffer from high blood pressure because they are salty, and harmful to those who suffer from atherosclerosis problems because they contain cholesterol, as well as harmful to those who suffer from obesity because they contain a lot of Calories .. We have to understand that many foods that may be considered healthy can be harmful to these people as well, there are certain and precise limits that not all people always adhere to when consuming them, as many of them may eat large amounts of fruits as well, and fructose in excess of The need turns into fats in the body, which contributes to increasing obesity … The main problem with potato chips is not the ingredients but the volume of consumption. If people were restricted to eating small amounts of these chips, the conversations would disappear from their harmful effects on the body.

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Alimenko believes that “it is necessary to promote the sale of bags or small packages of food that may be harmful to some, since people often resort to buying large packages that they consider better by providing money.”

Source: Novosti


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