Baher al-Muhammadi, not Rayeh al-Ahly .. Know the details of the Dervish and Red Devils deal


Al-Ahly club officials agreed with their Ismaili counterparts to postpone the inclusion of Baher Al-Muhammadi for the next season, in the presence of a refusal within the Ismaili Street for the departure of the Dervish leader this season, specifically for Al-Ahly Club. On the sidelines of it is an agreement on enhancing cooperation between them at all levels, especially at the level of buying and selling players.

Ismaili officials asked Al-Ahly, Ibrahim Ibrahim Othman, specifically Mahmoud Al-Khatib, to postpone a brilliant sale deal for the coming season, especially as the club is approaching the complementary elections next October and the regular elections next year, assuring him that the sale of Baher Al-Muhammadi to Al-Ahly will affect his position negatively in the elections.

Al-Ahly officials understood the position of the Ismaili administration, as it was agreed not to sell the player to Zamalek specifically, to be seconded abroad for a season, after which he would return to the ranks of Al-Ahly.

The player’s agent, Tamer Al-Nahas, explained that the contract of Baher Al-Muhammadi, the captain and defender of the first football team in Al-Ismailia Club, is for a period of 3 years, unlike this season, saying: One million pounds, and this number is exaggerated. ”

Tamer El-Nahhas pointed out that the offer submitted by Al-Ahly to Baher Al-Muhammadi is not entirely satisfactory, saying: “Al-Ahly did not submit the appropriate offer to the player and the management of the dervishes would like a bigger financial return, and I think it is more appropriate for the player to go out on loan with the intention of selling, but it is difficult to make a professional Bahir al-Muhammadi for 3 million euros at the present time for not going through any professional experiences at all. Bahir owns two offers from Turkey and the UAE, but the Emirati has stopped relatively, but the Turkish offer is the closest.


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