Basma Bousil raises controversy with her skinnyness in her latest appearance – in pictures


She stirred Moroccan fashion designerBasma BousilThe wife of the Egyptian artistTamer HosnyWidespread controversy among followers because of its extra thinness in its most recent appearance.
Bossil published on her social page on a social networking site pictures of her appearing wearing a white dress, narrow from the side of the waist, which showed her with great slenderness, according to what the followers indicated, and who expressed their surprise, wondering if she resorted to using Photoshop.
It is an indication that Basma, who was retiring from art after her marriage to Hosni, returned and released in the previous period, a new song for her in the Moroccan dialect entitled “Ela Rah El Ghali” through her own YouTube channel.
The song is not her own but rather a cover, and it is not the first time that a song has been released by another artist. She previously sang her husband’s song “Kafayaak Excuses” and published it on her channel.


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