Basma Wahba celebrates the engagement of her stepdaughter … Get to know Happy Luck – in the picture


Th announcedFlagsThe Egyptian SocietyBasma and giftNadine’s engagement to her husband’s daughterAlaa AbedOn the Egyptian businessmanMohamed AdawiAnd through her post on her official page on a social networking site.
Wahba published a picture of her with her husband, accompanied by the daughter of her husband, her groom, and his father, and commented on her: “The joy of my heart is Nadine, the best and most beautiful girls are my daughter, my friend, my sister and my beloved, a thousand congratulations, Al-Fatihah readers, spirit of my heart, may God make you happy and make you the apple of my eyes. Upset her on. “
Wahba had published a video clip of a family session attended by the parents of the groom and the bride, while reading the Al-Fatihah and the family exchanged congratulations and commented on him: “Na remained my flesh again, a thousand congratulations to Nadine Alaa Abed, the daughter of my husband, his readers. My son Abdul Rahman, may God grant you success.


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