Bayern Munich is close to settling the Sani deal


According to press reports today, Tuesday, Leroy Sane is about to move from Manchester City to Bayern Munich in the coming season.

According to the ESPN network, the 24-year-old, who joined City from Schalke 04 in 2016, will move to Bayern champions Bayern for about 49 million euros (55 million dollars) with the possibility of the deal increasing to about 60 million euros. After adding incentives.

There is one year left in Sani’s contract with City, but he decided to return to the Bundesliga after his current team failed to persuade him to stay.

Sani, Germany’s winger, missed most of the competitions this season due to a knee injury, but earlier he helped City crown the English Premier League twice.

According to the BBC, the potential deal is the most expensive in the history of Manchester City and includes the team obtaining 10 percent of the player’s future sale proceeds by Bayern Munich.


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