Because of an argument with the security forces, the siblings and the father of “Manar” booked a tik-to-girl


02:20 PM

Saturday 04 July 2020

Qalyubia- Osama Alaeddin:

Hayat Muhammed, the mother of Manar Sami, the girl of “Tik Tok”, said that her son, daughter and husband were detained, and they are being presented to the Public Prosecution Office, due to a verbal argument that occurred with the security forces, during the renewal of her daughter’s detention, “Manar.”

The mother of the accused added: that during the session of the renewal of the detention of “Manar” today, we tried to enter her 3-year-old daughter to see her, but the security men refused this, and an altercation occurred between my husband and my daughter, and one of the officers, and they were detained for presentation to the Public Prosecution.

On Saturday, the opposition judge in the Kafr Shukr court renewed the imprisonment of Manar Sami, the girl of the “tik-tok”, in accusing her of announcing herself on social media by publishing videos that were obscene, for the purpose of prostitution, incitement to immorality and immorality, and seizing her with a dangerous recorder, in possession of a white weapon and drugs , In Kafr Saad area in Banha.

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