Before its approval .. we publish the details of the deduction of workers ’salaries and pensions to meet Corona


The House of Representatives Plan and Budget Committee is discussing a draft law submitted by the government regarding deduction of 1% of the net income of workers in all sectors of the state and 0.5% of the net income due from pensioners for pensioners, in preparation for presenting it to the public session and approving it during the remaining few sessions of the session Fourth for Parliament.

The draft law comes to confront the economic repercussions resulting from the spread of the new Corona virus, as it stipulates that the previous percentage shall be deducted monthly starting from the beginning of July 2020 for a period of 12 months only.

According to the draft law, it says: “The authorities, bodies, agencies, and companies stipulated in the law shall pay the worker or the salary of the worker, after deduction of the percentage referred to and its supply, and for each violation of that, the competent worker shall be disciplined.”

The law also stipulated that: “The Ministry of Finance will establish a bank account for the Central Bank of Egypt within the consolidated treasury account in the name of the account of the consequences of the emerging Corona virus, in which the amounts that are deducted will be deposited according to the provisions of this law, and the exchange will be made according to the rules decided by the cabinet to finance the effects of the consequences Negativity to the emerging corona virus. “

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