Bella Hadid attacks the Instagram administration and confirms: I am proud of being a Palestinian


The famous superstar and model Bella Hadid attacked the management of the famous social networking site “Instagram”, after the 23-year-old Bella was published on Stories On her Instagram page, a copy of her father’s passport, the famous Palestinian businessman Mohammed Hadid, and it is written in the passport that he was born in Palestine.

Bella Hadid's father's passport
Bella Hadid’s father’s passport

Bella Hadid indicated that the Instagram administration had placed a passport photo of her father’s passport among the photos that violated Instagram laws, and Hadid told her followers, whose number reached 31.4 million followers on Instagram, that the post had been removed as it was alleged that it violated company instructions Instagram As if the content calls for bullying, harassment or nudity. “

She asked, “Is it not allowed for us to be Palestinians on Instagram? This is for me a bullying … You cannot erase history by silencing people, which I added to it along with a screenshot of a notification I received from the social media platform that mentioned that its participation was removed due to a violation of guidelines forum .

After deleting the passport photo
After deleting the passport photo


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