“Belly swollen and tired” .. A picture published by Yasmine Sabry, and it caused a sensation, so what happened !!


The Egyptian artist published I picked it up at the gym but caused a wave of controversy across the communication sites.

Yasmine Sabry appeared in the picture with a somewhat swollen abdomen, in addition to the signs of fatigue and exhaustion that appeared on her face in a big way.

This led some of her followers to believe she was pregnant with her husband, businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima.

The audience had earlier circulated a message announcing that Yasmine was pregnant with her first child after marrying businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima.
The image that was circulated reads, “I am pregnant and there is no congratulations.”

The Egyptian businessman, Ahmed Abu Hashima and Yasmine Sabry, surprised everyone and married them with a simple family party, which was not attended by Yasmin Sabry’s father or mother.

Activists circulate a letter attributed to her father declaring his innocence of Jasmine to marry her without her knowledge, before he deletes the message and blesses her and denies his relationship with the circulating message.


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