British study: Corona will increase mortality with other two diseases worldwide


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A study by researchers at the University of London concluded that in the coming days and years, the Coruna virus will cause deaths from two other diseases, tuberculosis and AIDS.

The report of the same study said that in the next five years, the number of deaths due to HIV will increase by 10%, 20% for tuberculosis and 36% for malaria.

The study attributed the reason for this to the severe pressure that the health system is exposed to in countries where there is already a low level of health care.

Scientists have concluded that the number of deaths from these diseases will increase due to the burden on the health system during the epidemic. The study examined several scenarios – from the authorities’ complete refusal to take measures to combat COVID-19 to the introduction of serious restrictions.

In the most negative scenario, the number of HIV deaths will increase by 10% compared to cases where there is no epidemic, as part of this group of people will have to cut off HIV treatment. The increase in tuberculosis deaths is associated with a lower diagnosis and a reduction in patient treatment. With pressure on the healthcare system, the number of deaths due to illness will increase by 20%. In the worst case scenario, 36% of people will die from malaria in the next five years if the epidemic continues in the world.

Source: RBC


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