British study reveals serious symptoms linked to corona


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Friday 10 July 2020


A recent British study revealed that infection with the emerging coronavirus can cause delirium, strokes and nerve damage in a number of patients.

The Daily Mail newspaper, quoting experts from University College London, said that there is a worrying increase in the number of rare encephalitis cases known as “acute metastatic encephalitis”, which usually affects children and affects both the brain and spinal cord, noting that they recorded 9 Cases of infection with this disease are caused by the emerging corona virus, according to the website “Russia Today”.

The group of researchers asked doctors to be aware of the risk of neurological effects to help with early diagnosis and improve patient outcomes.

“We have identified more than expected people with neurological diseases such as encephalitis,” said study lead author Michael Zandi and a neurologist at London College, adding that the appearance of these cases was not always associated with respiratory symptoms.

The study included 43 patients, aged 16-85 years, with coronavirus and no respiratory symptoms, but with neurological symptoms. The researchers found 10 cases of temporary brain dysfunction with delirium, eight cases of stroke and eight cases of nerve damage .

“We have to be vigilant and look for these complications in people who have neurological problems,” Zandi said.

He stressed that it is possible to see an epidemic of encephalitis associated with corona, similar to the outbreak of idle encephalitis in the 1920s and 1930s after the 1918 flu pandemic.

The researchers emphasized that corona virus was not detected in the brain or spinal fluid of any of the patients tested, and they explained that this indicates that the virus did not directly cause neurological symptoms, and that some complications of the disease may come from the body’s immune response, not the virus Himself.

“Given that the disease has only been around for months, we do not yet know the long-term damage it may cause,” said Ross Patterson, a neuroscientist at London College.

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