“Cairo Criminal” trial the defendants in the case of “corruption of a billion dollars”


2:00 AM

Saturday 04 July 2020

Books – Tariq Samir:

The Cairo Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Osama Anwar al-Jami, who is sitting in the fifth assembly, will hear today, Saturday, the trial of those accused of embezzling a billion dollars, in the case known in the media as “corruption one billion dollars”.

The former Attorney General, Nabil Ahmed Sadiq, had ordered the referral of “M.M.”, the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Tri Ocean Petroleum and two others to the Criminal Court, accusing them of embezzling approximately one billion dollars in the company’s money and smuggling it to Qatar and other countries.

The Public Funds Prosecution, headed by Counselor Mohamed al-Brolosy, the first public defender, has begun its investigations into the case known to the media as the “corruption of a billion dollars”.

It was established for the Public Funds Prosecution that the first accused transferred several amounts from the accounts of the “ocs” company at the Audi Bank in Switzerland and Qatar National in Doha with a total of $ 9.5 million, and seized it for himself. The second accused transferred several sums to the account of the “mh” company for trade and limited supplies owned by him in Qatar banks QNB in ​​Cairo, Doha, Bank Audi in Cairo, and Doha “, which he established specifically for taking a cover to transfer funds to his accounts to give them responsibility, with a total amount of $ 4.272.500 million, in addition to transferring several amounts to his personal account at Qatar National Bank in Doha with a total amount of $ 4,453,443, and took Against these sums for himself, and the investigations resulted in the money against them being laundered as a result of their criminal activity.

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