Cairo governorate resolves the controversy over the demolition of the Mamluks’ tombs to create erasure


12:01 PM

Wednesday 22 July 2020

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

Cairo governorate revealed the fact that what is being circulated on social media sites is demolitions in the Mamluk cemetery area, including historical cemeteries and Islamic monuments to establish the Paradise Corridor.

The Cairo governorate said in a statement today, Wednesday, that what was circulated is a complete shame of health and the graves that are published and circulated on social networking sites are cemeteries and modern buildings not registered among the Islamic monuments.

Cairo governorate said that the Ferdous axis starts from the exit of Abu Hashish tunnel under Ahmed Lotfy El-Sayed Street passing through a surface crossroads with Ramses Street under Ahmed Saeed Bridge and then Ahmed Saeed Street intersecting with Abbasiya Street and Al-Sarjani Street and Taki Square and Al-Firdous Square below the Ferdous Bridge passing through Salah Salem Road and the axis of the Autostrad Passing through Al-Tayaran Street in the neighborhood of Manshiet Nasser and some military units at the end of Al-Tayaran Street to the Emaar Bridge and the extension of the Field of the Field Marshal, and through the Military District of Jabal Al-Ahmar and the upper crossroads over the Bridge of the Extension of the Field of the Field of the Field of the Field Marshal until it was connected to the Sabeel Al-Muminin Street next to the Investment Authority.

She emphasized that Al-Firdaws axis is away from the tombs and the Islamic monuments recorded in the Mamluk Grove, and that no tombs will not be demolished, and what is being done to create the axis is to remove some of the external fences of the tombs, and no historical monument has been destroyed and that new external walls will be established immediately after the expansion of an architectural style to preserve Cemeteries in the area.

Cairo governorate called on citizens not to be tempted by the rumors and what has been published on social networking sites for photos and statements that are not true.

The state affirms its keenness to preserve the historical heritage from the Islamic and Coptic monuments, because of its historical value.

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