Carteron determines the fate of Mohamed Hassan and Zizou in the new season


French coach Patrice Carteron, the coach of the first team in the Zamalek football club, determines the fate of the duo Mohamed Hassan and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz Zizou in the new season, where the French want to market one of the duo while keeping the other in light of the reports that confirm that Zamalek is close to ending the deal of Nabil Emad Donga Pyramids and the presence of the duo Tariq Hamid and Ferjani Sassi, and the French will determine his decision in the duo after the end of the African Champions League matches this season and scheduled for the end of next September in accordance with the decisions of the African Union today.

On the other hand, fans of the club are watching Zamalek The club’s board of directors meeting chaired by Mortada Mansour scheduled for twelve noon tomorrow to discuss many important files related to the ball team and club management and issues surrounding Zamalek in the International Sports Court. Today’s meeting is postponed from last Sunday, and the Zamalek Council will discuss tomorrow several important files in the forefront The position of the football team from participating in the league if the resumption of the current season, as well as the response of Zamalek to some thorny issues such as the file of deals and rumors surrounding the club during the last period.

The Council of Zamalek will also discuss in tomorrow’s meeting the file of the cases filed against the Zamalek club from Hamdi Al-Naqaz, Khaled Bou Tayeb, Jerus and Ferrera and their assistants, as well as the club’s case against Mahmoud Kahraba, the current Al-Ahly player..

While the club’s board of directors will hold an important meeting with the club’s symbols, old players, and owners of Zamalek groups in the fourth hour next Friday in the hall of Hassan Helmy in the club’s headquarters in order to clarify some of the club’s matters, and it was decided that entry to the club should be through the sports activity portal, with instructions for all those invited to commit With all medical precautions, wear a face mask.


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