Chico celebrates his birthday .. and artists congratulate him


12:41 PM

Friday 03 July 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

Artist Chico was keen to celebrate his birthday in his own way, so a number of artists interacted with him to congratulate him on his Instagram account.

Chico published a picture of him, commenting: “40 years of giving, deliciousness and banality … every year and I’m good.”

A number of artists interacted with him. Ahmed Makki wrote, “Every year, you are good, Chico”, and Ahmed Al Shami, “Every year, you are good, sweetheart of my heart, and we want to celebrate the rest”, while Hind Sabri wrote, “Every year, you are Chico.”

Rania Youssef wrote, “Every year, you are kind, good, and always successful, Chico, I love you very much.” She wrote a solution, Shiha, “Every year and you are good.” As Haitham Shaker wrote, “Every year, you are good, sweetheart, my heart, my cancer, oh beautiful.”

It is noteworthy that, Chico and Hisham Majed, are attending the second part of the series “The Game”, which starred: Ahmed Fathi, Mohamed Tharwat, Mai Kassab, Mirna Jamil, Sami Maghawry and Arfa Abdel Rasoul, screenplay and dialogue by Ahmed Saad Wali, Mohamed Salah Khattab, Ibrahim Saber, and Ashraf Written by Fadi Abu Al-Saud and directed by Moataz Al-Tony.


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