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Thursday 16 July 2020

Books – Muhammad Qadous:

After circulating news about starting to fill the reservoir of the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia, and pursuant to the legal rule of “harm is still done,” the main Fatwa Committee of the Islamic Research Complex of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif emphasized that the affected countries have the right to take everything that would remove this damage from them, and what these countries can From preserving her rights by all means she deems appropriate.

In a statement of its fatwa today, the main fatwa committee of the Research Academy said that the water component represents one of the most important elements of the environment that all living things on the face of the earth need because there is no life for these creatures except with water. The Holy Qur’an has presented the most important words regarding its importance and necessity, for God Almighty mentioned to us That all creatures are water.

The Fatwa Committee cited the words of God Almighty (God created every trumpet from water), and he also said (and made us from water every living thing), noting that, with water, the life of the earth and the life of beings upon it, and with all of them, will die for all beings. And God did not descend from the water from the sky, so He revived the earth after His death, and He dwelt in it from every trunk.

And the main Fatwa Committee added: When water has all this importance, the law has made water one of the things that are common to all people that it is forbidden to be owned by anyone in a way that causes harm and deprivation to others in need by saying the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him (people are partners in three: in pasture, and in water, And fire), so water is his property in general, meaning that all people share his ownership, and then each of them has the right to benefit from it and does not belong to a specific individual who owns it and prevents others from using it, which made the ownership of water public, but it is the need of all people to it, it is from The group’s facilities that are indispensable to the group, and the shared water includes the waters of the seas and rivers – such as the Nile – and rain, for this is not permissible for anyone to be unique with it, and people are partners in it all.

She pointed out that the importance of water in the lives of people and animals came in depriving people of it and an intense feast – especially in case of need – the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: (Three are not spoken to by God on the Day of Resurrection, nor are they purified by them, and they are tormented, so they are tormented: He has enough water for him – the way (Ibn Sabil) is prevented from him), and the meaning: he is prevented from the traveler who has to water for himself or an animal with him. In another narration: (And God will say: Today, my grace has prevented you, as you have prevented the merit of what you did not do your hands).

And she continued saying: What we said about water and its importance and that it is a public facility should not be deprived of its use by anyone also applies to the countries that the Nile River passes through many African countries including Egypt and Sudan, so we must stay away from everything that would affect the share of countries Negatively, whatever the justifications may be, as this threatens the lives of its citizens, and the injured state has the right to take everything that preserves its share of the Nile water.

At the end of its statement, the main fatwa committee said that, by applying the foregoing, since one of the Nile Basin countries – the source – had built a dam on the Nile that would harm the water security of the downstream countries, then it should avoid this harm if it did not do it was the right of the affected countries To take everything that would eliminate this harm from them, in fulfillment of the legal rule, “the harm is still removed” from the hadith of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: (There is no harm or harm), and this enables these countries to preserve their rights by all means that they deem appropriate.

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