Continuing from him at the heart of the facts .. Erdogan accuses Egypt of illegal movements in Libya


Turkish President Recep Tayyip announced Erdogan Turkey is about to sign a new agreement with the Al-Wefaq government in Tripoli, headed by Fayez al-Sarraj.
Erdogan, in a speech today, claimed that Egypt was making “illegal moves” in Libya“He claimed, through its support for the Libyan National Army in its battle to liberate the country from the pro-Ankara government militia, in a continuation of it at the heart of facts and falsifying them.
Come remarks Erdogan Although he deployed mercenaries and terrorists and transferred them several times from Syria to Libya, and despite the fact that the Libyan Parliament and the Libyan National Army have called on him several times to stop military intervention in their country.

This comes with Erdogan being subjected to severe criticism from several regional and international parties, due to the blatant Turkish military intervention in Libya on the one hand, and its illegal encroachment on the rights of other countries in the eastern Mediterranean on the other.

Several Arab and European parties expressed their strong condemnation and condemnation at the fact that Turkey sent military forces and equipment and a large number of Syrian mercenaries to support the Al-Wefaq government militia, describing these moves as an invasion of Libyan territory.

Ankara and the Al-Wefaq government signed an agreement to demarcate the maritime borders last November, which sparked a wave of anger and condemnation regional and international, because it violated the rules of international law and its infringement on the rights of other countries in the wealth of the eastern Mediterranean, such as Greece and Cyprus.

On the other hand, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi stressed more than once that Egypt is ready to intervene militarily in Libya to protect the national security of the two countries from the threats of extremist militias and Turkish forces supporting them, and at the invitation of the Libyan parliament and the leaders of the tribes and Libyan clans.

On Thursday, President Sisi announced, during his meeting with elders, dignitaries and representatives of the Libyan tribes in Cairo, that the Egyptian army will enter Libya only at the request of its people and will not leave it except by order of its people.

The Libyan tribes announced their mandate to President Sisi and the Egyptian army to intervene militarily in Libya if necessary to eliminate the threat of the militias and Turkish forces supporting them, stressing that the fate of the two countries and their national security are the same.

President Sisi had confirmed last June that Egypt would not allow any terrorist entities or foreign forces supporting it to approach the red line that runs between Sirte in the middle of the Libyan coast and Jafra in the center of the country, as this line is a gateway to control the oil crescent area in eastern Libya and approach the Egyptian border .

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