Corona in 24 hours The rise of deaths in Egypt again … and a significant increase


Books – Ahmed Abdel Moneim:

Within the past 24 hours, Egypt and the world have witnessed important events associated with the emerging crisis of the Corona Virus outbreak.

The most important of these was the announcement by the Ministry of Health, on Thursday, of the registration of 950 new cases that had positive laboratory analyzes of the emerging corona virus, and the death of 85 new cases, and the Ministry called for precautionary measures to be taken in the workplace; To avoid injury, including rearranging work shifts, splitting teams, or continuing work from home.

The World Health Organization confirmed that the elimination of the Coruna virus is unlikely in the current conditions in the world.

In the following report, Masrawy provides the most important news:

Mortality rises again … Health Announces Corona Statement Friday

“Health” calls for work from home and the division of shifts to avoid infection of corona

14 patients with corona recovered and were discharged from the isolation hospital in Dakahlia

“Corona victim” .. The death of a nurse at the Health Insurance Hospital in Shubra Al-Khaimah

The government reveals the truth about reopening wedding halls and events halls in mid-July

Health Kafr El Sheikh records 72 new infections with the Corona virus

The death of the first doctor of the faculty at Fayoum University, SK virus

To face Corona … a medical convoy to inspect the workers and the inmates of Borg El Arab prison

Japan announces the failure of the drug Avigan in the treatment of corona patients

Global health: Hydroxychloroquine does not show efficacy against SK

Corona deaths in the UK fell for a third day in a row

Corona deaths in France exceed 30 thousand

America: The number of Corona patients has risen to more than 300,000 in California

Global health: Spray containing corona particles can stay in the air for longer

How to avoid corona infection through clothing and car?

Britain rules out joining the European Union’s vaccine program for Corona

Discover a device that destroys corona in seconds

Brazil: Coronas injuries totaled 1.76 million … and 69,184 deaths

German study: Corona also affects the heart

Italian Prime Minister is likely to extend the state of emergency

America: a 2.1% increase in daily infections in Corona

Saudi Arabia: 3159 injuries and 51 new deaths were recorded in Corona

Scientists suggest air conditioning caused Corona to slaughterhouse in Germany

Global health: Corona elimination is unlikely in current circumstances

Global health is recording a record daily increase in corona infections worldwide

For these reasons, the N95 muzzle is best for corona prevention

The death of a female member of the Iraqi parliament with the Corona virus

Gilead of America confirms the effect of the drug “Remdisfer” on the decline in deaths in Corona

Hong Kong closes schools again, koruna infections soar

Spain: Corona injuries reach 253,566 and 28,401 deaths

Tokyo sets a new record in daily Coruna injuries by 243 cases

Did “Corona” enter your body and beat it without knowing? … Here are the details

Britain: Corona injuries amount to 289,154 and 44,687 deaths

Italy: Corona injuries total to 242,363 deaths and 34,923 deaths

Germany: A total of 199,00 corona injuries and 9,057 deaths

The spread of the Covid-19 epidemic accelerated on the American continent, as it affected country leaders

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